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Joey Basile goes 8.84@160 MPH on 20″ Wheels!

Congratulations to the owner and driver of Beta 2, Joey Basile. At his first major event with the car he laid down multiple 8 second passes in his Fluid Turbo Concepts Twin Turbo Mustang GT. We feel this is truly the ultimate street car as it retains all features of a stock car and doesn’t […]


Fluid Turbo Concepts Alpha 1 named Precision Turbo Ride of the Month!

Precision Turbo named Alpha 1 their ride of the month for March 2015. Check it out at the link below!–March—Ken-Bjonnes-s-2011-Ford-Mustang-GT/298#.VPNpWb_m9IY.facebook


Fluid Turbo goes 9.25@149 with stock engine!

Alpha 1 goes 9.25@149 with a Stock Coyote Engine! In prepartion for the NMRA Spring Break Shootout, we took Alpha 1 out for some testing today at Bradenton Motorsports Park.