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Fluid Turbo Concepts Website is Live!

Welcome to the new home of Fluid Turbo Concepts!  We still have a lot of information to add, pictures to upload and products to put up, but we wanted to turn things on so everyone can look around. The two main areas you may be interested in right now  is the Fluid 5.0 Mustang GT […]

Update on Cast Stainless Steel Manifolds

The keystone of the kit has to be the cast stainless steel turbo manifolds. This is the part of the project that has been the most intensive in the development phase and the most time consuming during the production phase, but in the long run it will be well worth the wait. The fixture […]

Alpha 1 goes 9.8@141 in testing! VIDEO

Alpha 1, which is our street car test vehicle just clicked off a 9.8@141 on 19″ wheels. Alpha 1 weighs in at 3,915 lbs with driver and has a stock engine with billet oil pump gears. It features ID1300 injectors and twin 465 pumps and runs on E85 full time. Here is a video of […]